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Welcome in the members area for project February 2020:


Here under click and download the info documents and materials you need for this project. Beside the file you can read the title of the file. After downloading you will be able to read the name of the file followed by a underline and the last update.

Please feel free to e-mail me under 

1) Planning&Info_updated 18.01.2020
2) Data Form:
If this is your first project with CR or if your datas changed since last project please fill in "row 3" of the following word file with your datas and mail to

3) Accomodation_18.02.20

4) Contract_18.01.20
(Signe and mail a copy back. Bring the original signed to the first rehearsal)
Parts with bowings
Please bring  a printed copy of the parts in the first rehearsal and copy bowings in the original parts you will find on place.
Mozart, Jupiter
Jupiter, Vl1
Hummel, Potpourri
Jupiter, Vl2
Jupiter, Vla
Jupiter, Vc
Winds & Tymp
Vc (Bassi)

Alle Stimmen Potpourri

Haydn Concertante Hob.105
Vl 1 & 2
Violoncello & Bassi
Winds and Timpani
Solom parts (VL, Vc, Ob, Fg)


Haydn, Hummel, Mozart

In case of need you can have a look at them...

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