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Dear Readers

In addition to the costs incurred in preparing our projects, there are also costs for research and transcription of the original manuscripts. This is an essential investment for the development of original and high quality programmes, often enriched by an unpublished repertoire, which is performed in the first modern version in the projects of Camerata Rousseau.


With a donation of at least CHF 100 you can support our activities and at the same time enjoy a tax advantage for taxpayers in Switzerland.


If you donate at least CHF 250 per year, we welcome you to the circle of friends of Camerata Rousseau. As a friend, you will receive an e-mail reminding you of our activities and a one-off free admission to a concert organised by us.


All donors will receive a certificate (PDF document) by e-mail, which will certify the donation amount for the swiss tax deduction.


Of course we are grateful for any amount you would like to support our activities with.

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