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Enrico Baiano, Fortepiano

Camerata Rousseau & Leonardo Muzii

"Mozart & friends"

Hoffmeister, Symphony D minor

Mozart, Pianoconcerto Jeunhomme in E flat major KV 271

J. Haydn, Trauer Symphony in E minor

Program title: "Mozart & friends"
Orchestra on classical instruments, pitch a=430 Hz
Strings (44321), 2 oboi, 2 horns, bassoon, fortepiano

Enrico Baiano is considered one of the most complete and interesting interpreters on the early music scene today. In his interpretative approach he cleverly combines historical-stylistic rigour, expressive freedom and great virtuosity; an unusual ability to exploit the harpsichord's tonal and expressive resources allows him to create crescendi, diminuendi, cantabile and orchestral effects that make every concert an event.

He has recorded eight CDs for the 'Symphonìa' label, which are now being re-released on the Pan Classic and Glossa labels. All have been enthusiastically received by critics and have won several awards; another CD dedicated to Scarlatti's sonatas, released on the Stradivarius label, won the special prize of the classical critics of 'Musica & Dischi' as the best album of 2013 in the category 'Italian instrumental classical music'.

For Limen Music he recorded on cd and dvd Il Clavicembalo ben temperato by J. S. Bach (played on harpsichord, clavichord and fortepiano), of which the First Book has already been published.

Enrico Baiano is one of the greatest scholars and interpreters of the music of Domenico Scarlatti. Other composers to whom he devotes an in-depth study are the English virginalists, Henry Purcell, Louis Couperin, the masters of the Neapolitan seventeenth century (Ascanio Mayone, Giovanni Maria Trabaci, Giovanni Salvatore, Gregorio Strozzi, etc.), Girolamo Fresciani, Giovanni Salvatore, Gregorio Strozzi and others. ), Girolamo Frescobaldi, Johann Jakob Froberger, Jean-Philippe Rameau, Johann Sebastian Bach, Carl Philip Emanuel Bach, Franz Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Muzio Clementi.

He has appeared in several Italian and foreign television and radio programmes, as well as in two documentaries by director Francesco Leprino: "Sul nome B.A.C.H." and "Un gioco ardito" (about Domenico Scarlatti).

His publications include: Metodo per clavicembalo, published by Ut Orpheus and translated into five languages; Le Sonate di Domenico Scarlatti (in collaboration with Marco Moiraghi), published by LIM - Libreria Musicale Italiana; Il discorso musicale, in La narrazione al plurale (edited by S. Messina), published by Gaia.

He teaches harpsichord, clavichord and fortepiano at the Conservatory 'Domenico Cimarosa' in Avellino.

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